Monday, May 11, 2009

Weekend of Love...

Joe and I went to his cousin Rebecca's wedding on Saturday. It had been a long time since we went to a large wedding. It was perfectly beautiful and we had so much fun seeing his family and celebrating! I don't have any pictures from the wedding itself, just the one I tried to take of Joe and I before we left the know, one of those funky self portraits that always turn out weird.

Oh, and the was Club Sport Renaissance. Now, let me just say, we aren't into working out at all anymore (although we probably should be) it was pretty funny to stay in a "fitness hotel". They had all kinds of things we didn't use, like a sauna, racquetball court, pool, 24 hour work out we even had little hand weights in our I guess people like to lift weights while on the potty? I don't know...but we got a good laugh about it. Oh, and they give you an apple in your room instead of chocolate or a cookie. What's up with that?

Now, the wedding was on the Saturday before Mother's, since we spent the night at a hotel, which meant I woke up with no kids on Mother's Day! That felt so strange. Joe took me to breakfast for Mothers kids. Then we started the drive home and had a nice lunch at Joe's cousins restaurant Casa Del Rey in San kids. Finally, around 3pm, I got to see 1/2 of my kids...we picked up Jenna and Kami from my mom....of course they were exhausted from hanging with my mom...this was them within a few minutes of getting in the car to head home.

Once home, I walked into the house and my wonderful daughter Jackie and son-in-law JP had bought me did my son Joey too. I also had the sweetest card from the three of them. Jenna and Kami wrote some really cute poems at school and gave those to me.

After that, Joe passed the BBQ torch onto JP (this was huge) and JP cooked us up some tri-tip. It was a great end to a fun weekend. I love my kids and am so blessed!

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