Sunday, May 17, 2009

Dilemma I now face

Despite the "Obama drama" I have had a pretty nice weekend.

My biggest dilemma is what to do about this last 4 weeks of school. I told several people Friday my girls weren't going back (out of emotional response). My girls started to clean out their desks, but didn't get everything. They also heard me say they weren't returning, but I don't want my pride to get in the way. I need to do what is best for them.
I have a few options:
1) Ask if their school work can be sent home for the final 4 weeks.
2) Send them back, and let them stick out this final 4 weeks...explaining to the girls that sometimes mom's react emotionally when they feel their kids are being wronged or exposed to situations they don't agree with.
3) Tell the school I'm homeschooling them for the final 4 weeks and do that.
Any advice would be appreciated!!!!

Today we went to church and heard a great message about the importance of doing good in the community around us. Of course, I know my reaction at school on Friday wasn't a good example of being a Christian (hence the mockery from crazy chair mom). I need to learn self control and patience in situations like that (especially ones that involve my kids!). Thank you God that I don't have to be perfect because You sent Your Son to be perfect for me. I would never get into Heaven if I had to be perfect!

I really need to surrender my struggle with self control and patience daily. Obviously, Friday I failed.

Now, for the fun news...I won an ipod shuffle today at the Vons grand reopening! I never win anything, so that was pretty fun. Especially since my 7 year old was with me.

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