Saturday, May 9, 2009

Shopping in Carp!

Today, Joe and I are leaving at noon or so to drive to San Diego...we are going to his cousins wedding. It has been years since we went to a "big wedding"...probably about 16 years!

Of course, I needed a yesterday I asked my oldest daughter if she wanted to go shopping with me. I decided to try to shop locally see, we live in a small town and of course, our local merchants are hurting. But, it can sometimes be a challenge to find the right thing here because, there just isn't a lot of selection.

I started with the dress...we went to a local store called By The Sea...she has great shoes...mostly Italian or Brazilian. Right away I found two dresses that I liked...I tried them on and they both fit great...I didn't feel fat...didn't feel like I would have to constantly suck my stomach know the fit! I couldn't believe it. I ended up going with the black one...I know the old fashioned belief is no black at a wedding...but EVERYONE assured me that has I went for it. I also got some great shoes to go with the dress...and they were on sale.

Next challenge was a wedding gift...well, I lucked out with that too! I knew the bride and groom liked wine, as they registered with an online wine store...they must be building a wine collection. So...we just happen to have a great wine store here in Carpinteria...I found a perfectly nice romantic bottle of wine (from Sunstone Winery in Santa Ynez)...and some of those adorable wine charms that are hand made. I really want some of these...right now I use an earring on my glass so it doesn't get mixed up with another. I used a pretty ribbon to attach the charms to the bottle...notice how the picture on the bottle of wine is a picture a man and a woman kissing...

Then, I realized, I also have to get Mother's Day cards and gifts...would you believe I found those in Carpinteria too?

So, poor Jackie, was all dressed up and ready to go shopping (outside of our sleepy little town)....but I found everything here and we never left. Best part was, it felt good to support our local merchants!

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