Monday, August 24, 2009

What? No TV?

We have two weeks until school starts. Up to now, my girls have been sleeping in later and later, have had no structure, and things have been just crazy.

Today I woke them up at week I will wake them up at 8:00...all in preparation of getting up for homeschooling the week of September 8th.

One thing we are going to focus on over the next two weeks are a couple of new rules. 1) Each girl can have 1 hour of computer time for play (not school). 2) TV's can't be turned on until 3pm.

This is going to be a challenge!

My hope is that eventually, we can do away with TV time all together. I need ideas on how to do this. Especially ideas where I don't have to be their constant entertainment. I work from home and when we aren't doing school, I need the couple of hours each day to do my job.

I thought about unplugging the cable cords behind their TV's and telling them they must be broken...hahaha. However, I would rather have them in agreement with me. Kami would have no problem with this, but Jenna is the type of kid that wants/needs constant stimulation...anyone have any ideas?

Also, I must note, even though TV's can be turned on at 3pm...that is the time of day for dance, cheer, it isn't like they will sit in front of them all afternoon. My hope is this "TV time" will get later and later, or better, that they won't want to watch it anymore.


  1. We choose to not have cable. Not only for he kids but for us as well. Our home is more peacefeul, we read more, talk as a family more, spend more time together, and can really be aware of what our children are watching. It has been a blessing for us!

  2. Thanks Amy. I wish we could remove cable, however, my husband is an elected official and needs to watch certain city council & county wide stuff, so we have to have it. :/