Friday, October 30, 2009

Events, Homeschool Curriculum & a Birthday too

This month was a bit on the busy side. Not only were we continuing to get into a homeschooling schedule...Joe and I also had to coordinate his SBTIA Economic Action Summit event. This is an annual event we do, and their biggest fundraiser of the year.

I'm happy to say I pulled it all off! The room was packed and the event was a success.

Homeschooling is going great. I spent the last month trying to figure out exactly what curriculum I want to use. Everyone told me not to rush and I'm glad I didn't.

I went to a small homeschool conference on Monday. The conference was about teaching your kids history through historical literature. I decided to use this curriculum (Beautiful Feet Curriculum), for literature and history. The best part is my friend Steff has the curriculum and is not using it this she loaned it to us. We start next week.

I also chose MCP Math for our math curriculum and Apologia's Young Explorers Series for our science. We should be able to start with all three sometime next week.

Kami turned 8 on October 22nd. We took her to Build A Bear Workshop and she also had a party with some of her close friends. She had a great birthday. :)

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